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Sizing and Measuring Agile Projects

Tthere is a lack of quantiative data regarding Agile projects, so I created this short podcast. In this podcas I introduce how to size iterations and installed applications for both Agile and traditional software projects.

1. Determine the problem the move to Agile is trying to solve. It could be time to market (duration/FP), productivity (hours/FP). It may be to improve customer satisfaction or profitability.
2. Establish Baseline Measures
3. Try a pilot or even go all Agile.
4. Measure success or failure based upon your initial measurements and criteria.

You can download a copy of the slides in pdf format.

Video Outline

1. Size Iterations Using FPA
2. Size Application, as it grows, Using FPA
3. Track and Monitor Growth
4. Develop Performance Measurements