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March 9 & 10, 2004

David Longstreet and Enterprise Architecture specialists, Real IRM, will be conducting an Advanced Metrics and Function Point Analysis course in South Africa on March 9 and 10th. 

Mr. Longstreet is one of the leading authorities in the fields of software metrics and FPA, and is also the leading pioneer in the field of software economics.  He draws upon his experience gained while consulting to a very diverse client base. To view a partial list of clients visit www.SoftwareMetrics.Com/client.htm.

This course is a practical look at how software metrics are used to aid the decision making related to software projects. In additiona the course will cover specific examples of how to apply FPA in new and difficult situations. Participants will learn how to count function points in difficult situations and will develop the ability to implement metrics on current and future software projects.

It would be impossible to conduct an advanced course on software metrics and function points without discussing other disciplines that directly impact  on and are critical to the understanding of the software development process. Thus, there will be brief discussions on economics, psychology, sociology and statistics to complement the subject material.

For information related to the training course in South Africa and for a detailed course outline contact Real IRM direct at:

Tel +27 (0)11 8053316
Fax +27 (0)11 8057110
108 Donovan Road
Midrand 1685

You can learn more about realIRM products and their services by visiting their website at

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