All Hail Software Metrics!

Estimating project expenses and quantifying the total value of a piece of work are variables that have plagued software development since it's conception. When will the program be complete, how much will it cost, and what will be my return on investment are simple questions that remain unanswered in nearly all phases of development.

Imagine a situation in which a construction contractor refused to release information regarding project completion and total expenses. What would be your reaction? Would you take this contractor seriously? Now imagine a scenario in which the entire industry acted in this way. You would have something called software development. Assuming the industry is somehow different or special is a giant mistake; it should be held to the same standards as other forms of business.


This is Our Philosophy:

  1. We believe that a great system of measurement is at the foundation of any successful project.
  2. We believe planning and evaluating technical tasks correctly allows managers to make quick and effective decisions.
  3. We believe development teams need to be held accountable for failing to deliver projects on time and within budget.
  4. And most of all we believe Software Metrics is the answer.

How This Site Works

The site is broken down into two sections: services and information. If you're looking to hire a consultant to apply Software Metrics techniques to your business, then you probably want to visit the services section. If you're looking for more information on Function Points and Software Metrics in general, then the information section is for you.