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The following is a simple external interface file (EIF) example.   While it may seem that counting function points is a long and a tedious process with proper training you could count thousands of FP's per day.

This example combines an EQ with an EIF.  The EQ contains three (3) DET's {Zip Code, City and State} and references one FTR (Zip Code EIF).  The Zip Code information is maintained by another application.  Keep in mind, that an FTR must be either an EIF or ILF.    ...scroll down to read more.....

From the perspective of the application being counted, the EIF contains three data elements {zip code, city and state} In actuality, the file may contain more than three data elements but we only consider the logical view from the application being counted.

To summarize, this example has on EIF rated low and one EQ rated low.  This is only a snapshot of the detail address information.  Of course, there would be additionally transactions and files to complete this process.

Assumptions -- Beyond this example and it general,  it is safe to say that every EIF must have at least one transaction against it.  That is at least one transaction (EI, EO and EQ) should reference the EIF.

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To learn more about function points please review the articles section on this website or review more examples.

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