External Inquiry Example

The following is a simple external inquiry example.   While it may seem that counting function points is a long and a tedious process with proper training you could count thousands of FP's per day.

The following EQ has 4 data elements (DET's) and references 1 FTR (file types referenced) and would be rated as a Low and valued at 3 unadjusted function points.

The  Soc. Sec # is a data element that has been read from an employee file (ILF).  The name is three data elements in this case, first name, middle initial and last name.  All three DET's are needed to distinguish between employees and the SSI# is needed.  So there are four data elements on this EQ and it gets all information from one FTR (ILF).  Again, this EQ would be rated as a low and valued at 3 unadjusted function points.

The Employee, Activities and Report buttons are other transactions and are not part of this particular EQ.   

We offer comprehensive training on Function Points and Software Metrics.

To learn more about function points please review the articles section on this website or review more examples.

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