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FPLive is a multimedia training tool.  The multimedia training course covers all the topics necessary to understand and apply function points.  Additionally, FPLive explains topics not covered in the IFPUG 4.1 Counting Practices Manual.  FP Concepts are explained in a visual and textual fashion.

FPLive uses the concept of visual explanations to teach Function Point Counting.  Instead of reading a flat B&W document, you can learn function points using multimedia.  

FPLive Demo version includes several scenes on the changes from IFPUG 4.0 to IFPUG 4.1.  If you purchase a copy of FPLive you will receive free upgrades forever.

FPLive has been sold around the world.    In only 6 months nearly 500 copies have been sold and distributed.  We have sold copies in the USA, Canada, India, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, China, Vietnam and in other parts of the world.

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Check out Function Point Certification Preparation in a Flash.  A new multimedia training tool that helps you get prepared for the IFPUG Certification exam.

Click here for a demo version of the product (takes less than 2 minutes to download using 56K modem).

Download free copy of training manual.  Includes over 100 pages of full color examples, explanations, case studies, etc.  Right click here.  The file is a self extracting word document.

Ordering Information (ISBN: 0970243901)

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Function Points Live (FPLive)  

If you order the product directly from us we will send you an electronic copy and CD.  If you order the product from  Amazon.Com, please send us your confirmation number and we will send you an electronic copy also.

Cost: $95 Per Copy (volume and institutional discounts available).

System Requirements

  • PC 486/ 66 MHz or better
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT
  • 8 MB RAM
  • Double Speed (2X) CD-ROM
  • Color Monitor SVGA

ISBN: 0970243901

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Click here to order FPLive and other products directly from us

Longstreet Consulting offers a full range of training for FPA.  Visit the training page and download a free copy of the training manual.

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