What is software measurement?
Tom DeMarco once said, “You can not manage what you do not measure.”  The corollary is even truer.  If you are not measuring you are not managing.  Simply put, software measurement is the method or process required to manage software development, enhancement and maintenance activities.

Measuring has been the basis for all science and engineering since the middle ages.   Galileo wrote over 500 years ago, What is not measurable make measurable.  In the physical sciences, medicine, economics and even some social sciences, we are able to measure attributes that were previously thought unmeasurable.  In the 21st century, it is time that software managers create software process that are actually measurable. Software development remains, for the most part, an unmeasured industry.   With proper training and guidance software organizations can measure and manage software projects. 

Unit cost is one of the cornerstones of all engineering and construction projects, but it remains a total unknown for most software projects.   Unit cost for software is based upon a ratio of Function Points and project costs.

Function Points provides two major benefits.  The first is that it assists organizations to derive unit cost which is critical to understanding overall metrics and project performance.  The second is that it provides the correct level of analysis to understand and communicate project functionality.

Longstreet Consulting has successfully assisted organizations around the globe to better control software projects via software measurements.  We offer a full range of services from consulting, training, tools, and multimedia products.

This website provides eLearning opportunities.  It includes full articles, surveys, market trends, and downloadable product demos.

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