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David Longstreet has helped organizations around the globe solve problems.  But it takes work.  There are no short cuts to solving software developments biggest problems.

How does David Longstreet assist organizations?  He has gathered industry-wide data from corporations of various sizes in a variety of industries.  This data can be used in combination with your data and project information to derive the best possible estimates, timelines, capacity levels, so on and so forth.

He has gathered "best practices" from around the globe.  Those practices that actually work that can be easily implemented in any environment. 

Vendor Management
If your company is outsourcing its software development, then how are you planning to manage your vendor?  How do you know that the costs you receive are within acceptable ranges?  How do you know if your vendor is overcharging?

Capacity Planning
If you asked any factory plant manager their capacity level, most (probably all) could tell you capacity.  How many CIO's can do the same?  CIO's are great at telling customers what can't be done, but few can understand what can be done. As senior mangers become more sophisticated, CIO's will no longer be let off the hook.

Estimating Software Projects
How should software projects be estimated?  It takes time and effort to create solid estimates.  Estimates need to follow a formal process.  Estimates need to be explainable and they need to be revisable.

Allocation of Resources?
How do you allocate resources across projects?  Just working overtime is not the best solution to managing resource scarcity.  Organizations need to get a handle on the most efficient way to utilize staff?   

So what problem is your organization trying to solve?  David Longstreet can help you solve your problems.    There are many articles on this website that you may find useful.  You can contact David Longstreet directly at the email address below.

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