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Wise and Wonderful!
- Tom DeMarco

David draws upon umpteen number of case studies and agreeable entertaining anecdotes to make his point
- Ravi Kumar Jain, PhD
Icfai Research Center, Hyderabad, India

David is right:
Software development organizations are often mistaken when they think they are doing fine when in reality they are not.
-Alain Abran, PhD.
University of Quebec.

David's book examines some interesting if sobering trends in the software industry
- Capers Jones



Reboot! Restarting & Rethinking Software Development. (March 2009)

By David Longstreet

Foreword by: Capers Jones
Founder & Chief Scientist Emeritus Software Productivity Research LLC

About The Book
Reboot! is a new online book that takes a fresh look at software development. It is informative, funny, witty, and takes a lively and engaging look at issues facing any software development organization.

Reboot! is a passionate and provocative exploration of the problems organizations face when developing software. In addition to an interesting exploration of software organizations, this book examines disciplines such as music, architecture, and industrial design while extracting many applicable lessons for software development. In an ever changing world, software developers need to restart and rethink their careers before they become obsolete.

Reboot! provides a path for developers to enhance their careers, improve their job satisfaction, and increase their marketability. This book provides valuable insights for the core business on how software development impacts profitability. It helps the core business understand how to communicate with software developers and reward the right behaviors.

The book will be free and will be available online.

About the author

For more information or to be notified when the book becomes available contact the author directly at David@SoftwareMetrics.Com