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David Longstreet


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David Longstreet is the leading authority in the world on Software Metrics and Function Point Analysis.    He has advised organizations in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.   He has assisted organizations to successfully implement software metrics programs.   He has conducted both onsite and public training courses. 


While Mr. Longstreet values practical experience he keeps an eye on the past and the future by working with leading academics. At the present time he is conducting research with renowned Harvard University Economist Dale Jorgenson. Professor Jorgenson is considered the leading scholar in the field of Information Technology. Together they are examining the historical cost trends software development.


Mr. Longstreet has provided historical data to economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States and to the Bureau of Statistics in Australia. . These economists are attempting to establish methods to measure software productivity for the entire economy and IT’s impact on Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Speaking and Publishing

He published his first book before he was 30 years old. Since that time he has published two other book and written numerous articles. He has presented papers conferences in the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia.

Software Estimating Course (www.SoftwareMetrics.Com/KCLass.htm)

Software Estimating Training (www.SoftwareMetrics.Com/KCLass.htm

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Longstreet Consulting Inc.
2207 S. West Walnut
Blue Springs, MO 64015
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